The cities

The events of Nordic Season (Nordic Youth Trophy, Girl Power Camp, Girl Power Cup and Nordic Hockey Camp) are arranged on 15 locations in Värmland.


Preliminary event locations 2016/2017:

Girl Power Camp, 11-14 August

Filipstad och Kristinehamn

Nordic Youth Trophy U14, 2-4 September

Munkfors, Hagfors, Sunne, Forshaga

Nordic Youth Trophy U13, 23-25 September

Arvika, Vålberg, Grums, Åmål, Kil, Filipstad, Hammarö

Nordic Hockey Camp, 31 October-2 November


Girl Power Cup, 4-6 November

Säffle, Charlottenberg

Nordic Youth Trophy U11, 6-8 January

Charlottenberg, Arvika, Kristinehamn, Vålberg, Kil

Nordic Youth Trophy U12, 6-8 January

Sunne, Säffle, Karlskoga, Filipstad, Munkfors, Hagfors

Nordic Youth Trophy U15, 17-19 March

Åmål, Grums, Hammarö

Nordic Youth Trophy U16, 17-19 March

Kil, Karlskoga